Quality Assurancein the Context of Cloud Computing

Quality Assurance in the Contextof Cloud Computing 2018, Zürich Switzerland.

A Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC)Workshop


One of the key properties of cloudtechnologies is their promise for scalability, resilience, along with theability to use many services provided and managed by cloud providers. During thelast years the release of a mature set of technologies enabled the possibilityto experiment new concepts and scenarios, however there is still a lack ofconsolidated methods tackling quality assurance of Cloud solutions bysystematically influencing the analysis, the design, and the validation ofCloud-based Platforms and Services. In fact, being able to scale on-demand, orto monitor the status of a virtual resource do not contribute per-se to thequality of a solution.  On one side, Cloud-based Platforms and Services mightneed to be conceived in order to properly ensure desired sets of qualityattributes. On the other side, quality enablers tools (e.g. code generators,policy enforcement modules, verification frameworks, testing tools, monitoringand reporting suites) need to be brought to the cloud, and they also need to beaware of the cloud in order to assess target quality aspects.



The UCC QA3C workshop aims tobring together researchers from both Academia and Industry with the aim ofsharing ideas, perspective and approaches supporting the engineering of a newgeneration Cloud-based Platforms and Services. Proceedings will be published bythe IEEE in the same volume as UCC18.

Topics of Interest

Given the objectives ofQA3C, the topics of interest of the QA3C workshop include, but are not limitedto:

Target Audience

The targeted audience includes researchers,professionals and practitioners working on approaches enabling quality assuranceof cloud-based platform and services. Specifically the list of profiles targetedby the workshop includes but is not limited to: researchers in softwareengineering, cloud analysts, software architect, IT operations engineers,software developers, and testers.


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All papers will be reviewed by the Technical ProgramCommittee with a minimum of 3 reviews per paper.


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